Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Top Ten Questions To Ask Your Bankruptcy Attorney

Making the decision to file for bankruptcy is not one most people come to easily. If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, you probably have what feels like a million questions. Before you make a final decision, it is critical to get the answers you need, and asking a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney is a good place to start.

The top ten questions you should ask your bankruptcy attorney are:

         What type of case will I be able to file? There are two main chapters of consumer cases, a Chapter 13 and a Chapter 7. Both types of cases will reduce or eliminate debt, but there are some differences. It is important to know what chapter you are eligible to file, so you will know what to expect during your case.
         How is the chapter of case I file determined? There is a complex mathematical computation that must be performed prior to a case being filed, and the result of this calculation determines whether you file a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13.
         What are the differences between bankruptcy chapters? Once you know what chapter you are able to file, you will want to know how that type of case is different from the other. Knowing the differences prepares you for your case.
         Should I reaffirm a debt? If you want to keep your house or your car, the lender will probably ask you to sign a reaffirmation agreement. These agreements are like new loans, and you will still be required to make payments after your case is finished. Because you still have to pay, you will want to carefully examine whether reaffirming is right for you.
         How long will my case take?
         Can I file a case now if I have filed one in the past? There are rules on how often you can file, and if you have a previous case you need to know these rules.
         What is the 341 hearing? This is the first time you will go to Court and in most cases is the only time. People typically get nervous when they have to go to Court, and we can put you at ease by letting you know what will happen at this hearing.
         How much does it cost to file a case? When you are already low on funds it helps you to plan better when you know what the cost of filing a case will be, and when you will have to make the payment.
         What happens if my case gets dismissed?
         Do I get to keep my things if I file bankruptcy, or do I have to return them to the lender?

We can let you know more details about bankruptcy, so you feel comfortable with your choice to file a case.

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