Friday, August 18, 2017

Four Reasons Why Celebrities File For Bankruptcy That Don't Have Anything To Do With Actually Being Bankrupt

Everyone gets into financial trouble from time to time, even people who make a good living. When that happens, one way to get out of deb and get a fresh start is to file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy will eliminate certain dates and reduce others, so your monthly expenses are more manageable. But just because you file for bankruptcy, that does not necessarily mean you are out of money. Bankruptcy can provide benefits when you still have a decent cash flow, and can also protect certain assets.
One group of people who know all too well how bankruptcy can help with more than just a lack of money is celebrities. The list of celebrities who filed for bankruptcy is probably longer than you think, and chances are those celebrities still had money in the bank. 

Here are four reasons why a celebrity might file for bankruptcy that doesn’t have anything to do with actually being bankrupt:

         Many stars do more than just act or sing, and branch out into other ventures such as restaurants and other service related industries. But these ventures do not always pan out, and the need to stop the financial bleeding arises. Bankruptcy is a good way to help out a sluggish business venture.
         Most celebrities own a lot of real property, but the value of those properties does not always increase. Filing bankruptcy can help even out the difference by allowing the owner to pay what the property is worth instead of what is owed.
         Large debts can be accumulated when luxury items are bought, bankruptcy gives you the chance to reduce that debt so you can focus on the wealth you do have.
         Divorce is commonplace among a large part of the population, especially celebrities. Sometimes bankruptcy goes hand in hand with divorce, even for a superstar.
If any of these things apply to you, bankruptcy is an option for you as well. The beauty of the bankruptcy rules are that they are not reserved for a certain demographic of people, and if you are struggling or need help getting your finances in order, bankruptcy can be the answer. Call us to find out more.

If you have more questions about debt, contact us today at We will help you come up with solutions that work for your family, and have multiple locations where we schedule appointments so you can make a choice that is convenient for you.

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