Friday, January 27, 2017

Three Reasons Having An Attorney Help You Modify Your Mortgage Is Better Than Going It Alone

Many lenders claim that asking an attorney help you get a loan modification on your mortgage is unnecessary, but the opposite is true. If you have ever tried to call your mortgage company and get anything accomplished, you are probably familiar with long wait times and being asked to submit materials more than once. But with an attorney by your side, you can get your modification done faster and make sure that it is done correctly.

Three other reasons to have an attorney help you modify your mortgage, rather than tackling the task on your own, are:

         If a foreclosure is pending, an attorney will know what steps to take to protect your legal interests during the action. Or, if you are considering or have been offered to give a deed in lieu of foreclosure to your lender, having an attorney take on your case can save your home. A successful mortgage loan modification can stop a foreclosure in its tracks, and can also prevent the need to sign your property back over to the lender by executing a deed in lieu of foreclosure. Another thing you may be considering is a short sale, but a modification will also alleviate the need to resort to this action and will allow you to stay in your home.
         The stress that can be caused by dealing with an uncooperative lender is taken off of your shoulders when you let an attorney handle your mortgage loan modification.
         Lenders are less likely to try and “pull the wool over the eyes” of an attorney than they are with a pro se consumer.
While it is true that using an attorney to help you accomplish your financial goals, at a time when your finances are already tight may seem counterproductive, in the end you will be happy you let an experienced professional advocate on your behalf. The money spent is worth the money you will save over time, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your matter is being handled properly are invaluable. We understand the modification process, and can explain the terminology to you so everyone is on the same page. Our goal is to help you stay in your home, at an affordable price.

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