Friday, January 6, 2017

Do I Have To Tell My Boss I Filed Bankruptcy?

Some people who file bankruptcy are worried enough their friends or neighbors may find out, but some people are even more concerned about their boss knowing a case has been filed. If you work in the financial industry this fear may be well-founded, but for most jobs the fact you filed bankruptcy should hold no significance. Bankruptcy is not a determination that you are a dead beat who is trying to rack up bills and not pay them, but rather is a legal way of helping the “honest but unfortunate debtor” get a fresh start. There is nothing wrong with using the bankruptcy laws to your benefit, especially if you are struggling to make ends meet.

If you have filed bankruptcy you are not obligated to tell anyone, and that includes your boss. Here are some things to know about your job, and how it is impacted by filing bankruptcy:

         You cannot be fired for filing a bankruptcy case.
         You cannot be discriminated against at work for filing bankruptcy. This includes harassment or being denied a promotion, if you can show that these were the result of you having filed bankruptcy.
         If you have taken a salary advance, your employer will be made aware of your filing because you will have to list them as a creditor. But if that is the case, chances are the relationship you have with your boss is positive and the filing should not cause you to suffer at work.
The bottom line is that if you need to file bankruptcy, you should not let your employer’s attitude about the process factor into your decision. Bankruptcy helps thousands of people each year get back on their feet, and it can help you too. There is no better feeling than that of not having the stress that comes with being unable to pay your bills. Bankruptcy can help you get to this place, and the lessons you learn along the way can help to keep you there in the future. If you are under overwhelming financial pressure, call us today for help. We will explain how bankruptcy works, and let you know what you can expect from your case.

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