Friday, December 23, 2016

Four Things To Know Before You File Bankruptcy

Getting a bankruptcy case ready to file can take a lot of work. Most of the work is done by your attorney, but there are some tasks that fall to you to get the ball rolling. When you sit down with a bankruptcy attorney to talk about your options, you will learn what is needed in order to have a case prepared. And, the more documents and information you can provide at your initial meeting, the less you will have to dig up later.

Four things you need to know before you file bankruptcy are:

         Your income will be examined for the 6 months prior to your case being filed. So you will need to be prepared to provide paystubs for this time period, and should also have at least the last 2 years’ worth of income tax returns on hand.
         All of your debts have to be listed when you file your case, you are not permitted to leave anything out in the hopes of still using a credit card or taking out a loan from a particular lender. You will need to know everyone you owe money to, the amount owed, the payment address, and the account number. This information is used to show your total debt load, and is also how the Court knows who to give notice to that you have filed.
         If you have not filed taxes, you will need to have them prepared and then give them to your attorney for processing. Your attorney will be able to hand over your returns to the taxing authorities for filing, and the Court will want to see the returns before your case can be completed.
         You will be required to take a credit counseling class before you file, and before the Court will enter your discharge. Most times you can take these courses online, and have a certificate of completion sent to your attorney electronically. The sooner you plan to complete these courses, the less you will have on your plate.
We know how stressful it is to not have enough money, and we want to help you. We have experience helping people prepare for what it means to file bankruptcy, and can help you too. Call us today.

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