Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Five Things To Expect From Your Bankruptcy Attorney

If your car breaks down, you expect a good mechanic to fix it so that you can drive it again. When you get sick, it is normal to expect a doctor to properly diagnose you and prescribe medication or a treatment regime that will help you heal. For most things in life where there are professionals who are specially educated and trained to handle a particular set of circumstances, it is acceptable to expect that if you go to one of those professionals for help you will get what you need.

Filing bankruptcy is supposed to help get you out of debt, but if you try to file a case on your own without the advice of a skilled attorney or if you have an inexperienced attorney handle your case you might not end up with the right results. Five things to expect from your bankruptcy attorney include:

         Your attorney should know the difference between a Chapter 7 and a Chapter 13 case and be able to explain it clearly to you.
         Your attorney should be able to explain what property you can keep if you file bankruptcy, and what you might have to give back.
         Your attorney should be able to explain what it means to reaffirm a debt, so you are comfortable making this choice.
         Your attorney should have familiarity with the local rules and procedures of the bankruptcy court where your case is filed.
         Your attorney should put you at ease when you are discussing your case. There should be no judgment made, and you should not feel as though you have to hold back any information when talking to your attorney. An open line of communication is the key to a successful case and if you are hesitant to provide vital data to your attorney, your case may not be successful.
If you are considering filing bankruptcy, give us a call to go over the facts of your case. We understand how difficult it is to feel the pinch of a tight budget, and will help you make decisions that lighten the load. Our goal is to make sure you understand how bankruptcy can help you, and what needs to be done to be sure you get that help.

For more information about how a bankruptcy can help you, call us today or reach us online at www.law-ri.com. We offer appointments at multiple locations for your convenience and can schedule a time to visit with you today.

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