Monday, July 25, 2016

Three Good Reasons To Hire A Bankruptcy Attorney If You Are Behind On Payments

No one likes receiving collection letters or calls but if you are behind on your payments, that is just the type of action most lenders will take. Some creditors will limit the calls to the home or cell number they have on file for you but there are those lenders out there that are not shy about calling you at work or resorting to calling the references you listed on your loan application. If that is happening to you it is time to call a professional for help. A bankruptcy attorney can help you put an end to the calls and letters, and can also help you come up with long term solutions for your finances.
Three good reasons to hire a bankruptcy attorney if you are not able to make payments on your bills are:

       A bankruptcy attorney can do more than just file bankruptcy for you; they can also negotiate with your creditors for more favorable repayment terms that are more in line with your monthly budget and financial ability.
       A bankruptcy attorney is able to identify if the calls and letters you are receiving violate any type of collection laws, and if so can take the appropriate action against the creditor. Many lenders will stop harassing you when an attorney steps in and points out the mistakes the lender has made in their collection efforts and this could result in loan modifications or other debt management solutions that are favorable to you.
       A bankruptcy attorney can file bankruptcy for you, which puts a stop to the calls and letters right away.

One of the most important features of bankruptcy is that the instant your case is filed all of your lenders are prohibited from contacting you. If any lender persists in their attempts to get you to pay, you can hold them liable for any damages you suffer as a result of the prohibited contact. A knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney will know what to look for when lenders break the rules and will also make sure the case you file is done properly. Bankruptcy court is full of rules and procedures that have to be followed to the letter, and if they are not your case can be thrown out of Court. In order to avoid that harsh result the best decision you can make is to partner with a skilled bankruptcy attorney. 

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