Monday, May 20, 2013

Don't Leave Money in a Bank Account if You Have a Credit Card or Otherwise Owe Money to the Same Bank

Many people do not realize that if they are behind in payments on credit cards, lines of credit, overdraft protection, loans, or other credit lines, and they have their money in an account with the same bank, the bank usually can withdraw funds from your bank account to pay for a credit card or other debt you owe to the same bank.

The best practice is, if you are delinquent on credit cards or other debts to one bank, keep your savings and other money in accounts with a different bank.  Otherwise, you may wake up one morning seeing your bank account emptied.  You might as well kiss that money goodbye.  This may mean you have to change your payroll direct deposit to a different bank.  This small inconvenience could save you many headaches.

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